Saturday, 19 December 2015

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my besties are the besties because there mine

Best teachers in the universe

mum graduation

On Wednesday the 16th of December my mum was going to finish her course. We all got dressed up ready for my mums graduation. We all got in the van and my grandfather drove us to the graduation event at the Vodafone Event Centre.

My mum had to go in before us because she was a little late and we had to park the van. We had to wait for my grandfather to park the van before going inside to get seated.

There was a singer at the graduation maria her name was Maria she was there because her mum was one of the graduates and she was going to entertain us. I was really excited that she was going to sing Beyonce listen but first she sang a gospel song. Everybody wondered why she sings lots of Beyonce songs she said because she looks like her everybody laughed.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Ana dino cool

Ana dino cool from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Ana dino

Ana dino from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Ana cross crountry

On the 7th of September there was a race. Our school named it cross country. Well Mr Burt called out year 4 boys. I was nervous because the next run was year 4 girls. Getting in our position Mr Burt slammed the clapper and we started to sprint.

Trying to catch up to the others I saw one of my friend covered in mud. I tried to pick up her but i was in middle of a race so i continued. I was catching up to the other girls and finally my friend catched up.

Trying to beat my friend julieanna we rushed to the finishing line. We were running to the end but we were still a tie. We were so tired when we got to the end.

I was happy that I didn't just walk the whole way. I was so excited that my friend was covered in mud. I was a bit sad that my friend bate me.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Ana Powerraptor

The Powerraptor is one of the most vicious dinosaurs ever existed. Even though it looks cute it is a threat to all animals and human beings. The Powerraptor is one of the deadliest predators in the world.

Surprisingly the Powerraptor is a carnivore that lives in the rain forest. The Powerraptor lives in the rain forest for a reason they live in the rain forest because herbivores live there also. Surprisingly Powerraptor is one of the most clever dinosaur that ever existed.
Its horn can camouflage itself by zapping something. Its wings could help Powerraptor fly. It also swims because when his legs do the splits and the tail goes round and round it moves fast.

That's all my information I know about Powerraptor I can't wait to make another dinosaur.

Ana powerraptar from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


On Friday our class went on a bus to the Museum. While we were waiting to arrive at the Museum we were singing maori songs like mihi mai ra. When we arrived we meet a person named Joshua he told us lots of rules it was like the library rules in glen innes don't run don't shout.

My favorite part was when we went to the visual simulator. I was really scared when i put the glasses on because i thought it was real. It was so interesting because it looked like I was sitting on a person.

The next place we went was at the maori court. On the booklet we had to find out how much warriors can fit in a waka. We find out that 5 warriors can fit in a big gap. there were 20 gaps so the answer was 100.

Then we went to our dinosaur lesson up stairs. We had to go in 3 groups and go in a circle. We had a quiz there was 3 competitors Anaia was a competitor Hazel was two and Ash. There was team duck and sheep also chicken team chicken won. We got to hold dinosaur bones and poo.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

kiwi sport

On Monday we had kiwisport class. Room 11 played a sport called volleyball. When class 11 walked in I noticed chairs Bethan “said to me that's weird for volley ball”. When we sat down Our coach Liz said “Who wants to be the leader for stretching she picked Tata.
When our coach Liz told us a new technique i was really excited it was called the digger.
We had to team up with a buddy and face each other. While my friend Bethan was trying to do the digger my other friend hit the ball and it went soaring to the ceiling bang it made a big sound like a gun shooting 10 times.
she also taught us to spike. She told us if your a right arm then your leg step. And do the opposite if your left arm.

After that we went to class i was really happy we learned new moves.


Ankylosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period the same time as the tyrannosaurus-rex. This kind of dinosaur is a herbivore it eats plants. Ankylosaurus is height is 8.5 tall and his width is bigger than a school bus.

A Ankylosaurus Protects itself with its tail when a predator comes close. A Ankylosaurus protects itself with it armor.

A Ankylosaurus is a toothless dinosaur. A ankylosaurus is one of the most protective dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus rex

The Tyrannosaurus-Rex was a dinosaur that lived 85 million years ago in the cretaceous period the same time as the Ankylosaurus. The name Tyrannosaurus-Rex means tyrant lizard king. The Tyrannosaurus-Rex was one of the largest predators that existed.

It had 60 serrated teeth, each tooth was the size of a banana. It’s arms were 800 millimeters long they can't touch together. A Tyrannosaurus-rex has a long tail it keeps itself balanced and it helps him turn.

When a Tyrannosaurus-Rex is small it is defenseless. Some of the other dinosaurs want to kill the small one because when the T-Rex is older it might kill you.

A Tyrannosaurus-rex is a carnivore. It could bite 500 pounds in one bite. It is one of the smartest dinosaur and has good sense of smell. It is one of the best caring dinosaur parent. Some people think that the Tyrannosaurus-Rex is a scary dinosaur but is a two face sometimes its good to the kids but bad to the enemies.

im lucky i was not born that time.

immersion Assembly

The Pt England way of launching a topic for the term is to hold an Immersion Assembly on the first day of the term to surprise the students with a presentation about the topic. Students from different classes gather all Together in the hall excitedly sitting up normally Mr Burt walks through the aisle.

After Mr Burt introduced the Topic for this year he had his own presentation about an extinct bird. He played a movie about the bird it was hilarious because they were 4 kid acting annoyed about this bird and at the end he got eaten.

The next Presentation was team 1 they were learning about animals homes and what they eat. They also had a karaoke the song was roar from katy perry the prize was a trip to the zoo Marika won.

After that it was team 2 they were learning about dinosaurs. There movie had different dinosaurs like the T-rex. The teachers were really funny because the were pretending to be scared on the movie.

Team 3 was like team 2 but they were making dinosaurs. I really liked there mtv it was really funny.

At the end of assembly mr jacobson had his own presentation i was really happy at the end.  

athletics day

On Friday our whole school had a event called Athletics day. It's a day when a our school go in groups and play sports for the whole day. Our class walked over to the courts were we meet Mr Burt on Athletics.

Our first game was sprinting I was little nervous because my friend Chastyti had a crazy look in her eye. Our leader Mrs Stickland was really funny she kept tricking us by saying on your marks get set banana. But the second time she was serious on your marks get set slam went the clapper indiana was really funny because she looked a man kicking out a person from a club.

Wee woo wee woo went the surin “it was pretty loud Julieanna shouted”. I was excited that the next game was discus. While me and Julieanna was waiting in the line our friend Jorelle threw the discus and it went soaring when it was my turn to throw I was embarrassed because it was really small.      

Are next Game Was javelin I was really excited because javelin is one of my favourite sports.I was really disappointed because the seniors Got to use the big Javelin and we used foam javelin. When I threw the javelin it went soaring to the end of the field i was really happy.

At the end of day there was a race it was our house colour race. The next race was parents old people the came to our school and the teachers. It was hilarious when Mr Moran ran i nearly fell because i laughed so loud.

my favoritest was javelin because i like the feeling of the foam.

Ana fraction

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletic games

On a cold Morning team 3 went out for A game. Usually we go in the Afternoon but I was still excited. When we arrived at the field it turned out that we were last class there I was hoping that we could be the first. “Miss King Shouted are first activity it was equipment throw” it sounded interesting.

When we walked over to the game Miss Squires put us in teams. “The aim of the game is to throw the equipment as far as you can I said to Amelia. My favorite thing about the game was the shot ball because I like hard challenges.

The next game was basketball I was really happy because basketball is one of my favorite sport I said to Indiana. When my friend threw the ball in
the hoop she got a goal she's a good shooter.

We walked over to the next activity it was called sack race. My favorite thing was my team because they were really supportive. We had to jump into a sack and hop to this cone and go around it  and jump back.

After that we went back to class I was wondering about getting a new activity.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fireman David

On Friday a fireman came to our class to tell team 3 about his job. His name was fireman David. He was really funny how he explained about being a fireman.

A firefighter rescues people from fires. They help animals from trees when they're stuck in trees. They also help people from car accident.

A firefighter wears a fireproof suit. They use a horse to put out fires. They also use a fire truck because it holds all the equipment.

You have to study and go to university. You have to go to trials and interview. You have to practice by running.

I am happy that fireman David visited our school can't wait to the next visitor.



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

there when you need us


My aspiration for the future?
My aspiration for the future is to be an singer. I want to become a singer because they're famous. Plus when I was little my favorite singer was Ariana Grande.

A singer performs at concerts. An singer travel to different kind of country like England. A singer takes photographs for their albums.

What does a singer wear and What equipment do they use?
A singer uses a microphone when there singing. A singer wears flash clothes when they sing. A singer wears normal clothes when they're not working.
TO become a singer you have to practice. You have to be good at reading so you can read the lyrics. You have to have a record and you have to have a producer for your music videos?

I'm happy about singers because they bring joy to my ears?



A Volcanologist studies volcanoes and eruptions from the past. Being a volcanologist  is a dangerous job because you could die if you fall in the toxic lava. Being a volcanologist is a rewarding job because you save people from eruptions.

A volcanologist studies  solid and liquid matter that constitutes the earth. And they studied the past eruptions when the maori people came. They collect and analyze the rocks and lava in the laboratory  just by the microscope and smashing it to collect data.

They use drones with cameras and they wear fireproof suits. They might use heavy work gloves if they are working on fresh lava flows. And a rock-climbing helmet if working in an area where there is a lot of falling rocks from the volcanoes.

To be a volcanologist you need to go to school and work hard. You have to relate with earth and you have to be really smart when you study the volcanoes.

You have to be courageous and careful so you don't fall in the volcano when you're close to the edge. You have to intelligent and love science.

I'm happy that volcanologist collect detail because they can tell us when they going to erupt.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

942 number

Cross Croutry

On the 7th of September there was a race our school calls it cross country. Well Mr Burt called out year 4 boys it was our turn. Getting in our position Mr BUrt slammed the clapper and we started to sprint.

Trying to catch up to the others I saw one of my friend covered in mud. I tried to pick up her but i was in middle of a race so i continued. I was catching up to the other girls and finally my friend catched up.

Trying to beat my friend julieanna we rushed to the finishing line. We were running to the end but we were still a tie. We were so tired when we got to the end.

I was happy that I didn't just walk the whole way. I was so excited that my friend was covered in mud. I was a bit sad that my friend chastyti bate me.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kiwi sport coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwi sport coach?)
A kiwi sport coach is a teacher but they teach sports. They get paid for teaching kids varied sports like badminton and basketball. Sometimes they gives us new activities to do like relays.

A kiwi sport coach travels to different schools. They  teach us lots of skills like if a kiwi sport coach teaches karate they might do a roundhouse kick. Sometimes the coaches act like kids when we play games because it brings the child hood memory's.

A kiwi sport coach wears varied clothes depending on the sport. Sometimes they bring hurdles and holy hopes also they will bring a basketball if that's what they're teaching you. They wear a jersey and sometimes shorts if they play basketball.

You have to have skills to be a kiwi sport coach. And you have to be knowledgeable to teach others sport. And you have to go course and have a interview.

You have to be happy and fun. Also athletic and strong. You also have to be organize.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

using my strategy


Firefighters risk their lives to save New Zealanders almost everyday. They save our lives by rescuing us from fires. It is a challenging job for them risking their lives to save us. They deserve rewards for courage and team work. Currently they're saving lives right now that's why firefighters are important to everyone.
                                                         What do firefighter wear? 
Firefighters wear protective clothing so they don't burst into flames. They wear gloves because when something is hot and a person is under it you need to pick it up. Also they wear a fireproof suit because when they rescue someone you're not supposed to get burned alive themselves. The equipment they use is called Glossary it is really sharp it can cut through metal. They also wear a air tank so they can breath also for the bad smoke to stay out of their mouth.
  What do firefighters do?
Firefighters mostly save people from fires because their job's main name is firefighters. But firefighters don't only rescue people from fires they do all kinds of stuff. Firefighters extinguish fires and save cats from high trees. They also help people escape if they're stuck in the garage and a fire is out of control.
How do you become a firefighter ?
This is how you become a firefighter if this is your dream job. You have to train hard and you have to be really fast to get a person out of a fire. Also you have to be fit healthy and really strong.

conclusion I'm really happy that firefighters are here to rescue us from danger. They are a inspiration to me for saving lives. I'm really sad that they risk their lives for Auckland.

As a firefighter you need to be a hard working person, brave and able to work in a team.You also have to be confident to go into fires. You also have to be strong and fit to carry people out of fires.                              

Friday, 24 July 2015


While I was walking into the hall I noticed Mr Burt was being an auctioneer selling stuff. He said, “Going once going twice sold to number 33.” He shouted  loud to get everybody's attention at school because he was selling a basketball to the students. As the price got higher  children called out their price trying to get the basketball.

MY  favorite team was team 3 because they were learning and thinking about what you want to be when you grow up. The teachers were dressed as a police a fire fighter and a surgeon and also a builder plus a cowboy for the topic this year. They taught us that you work for money.

My second favorite team was team 2 because they were learning about ice-cream. At the assembly Miss Nalder taught us about the toppings and the flavours. Miss Nalder was doing a trivia contest for ice-cream. She asked us questions about ice cream if you get the questions right you will have a ice-cream.

It was so amazing that our teachers  planned our topic for this term. I am looking forward for learning about this topic about trade and enterprise. It was really funny that Mrs Barks acted like a lady i would be embarrassed if I was him.

                                            The end

Thursday, 2 July 2015

xoxo Miss Thompson


What is matariki
Martariki is an important event in new zealand for maoris because maori new year. It is a traditional event past to generation  and generation to celebrate the people that past away.A cluster of stars appears in the sky  ancient greek people call the stars Pleiades but other people call the group 7 sisters.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki
Tawhirimatea was distraught because his siblings separated his parents..He was frustrated so he hurled his eyes to the sky that made stars.

How to see matariki?
On a late may or june a northeast horizon suddenly appears.Half an hour before dawn stars appear.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
On june winter begins and the harvest  ends. So you need to collect the crops like kumara and riwai.The food we collect is plentiful for feasts.migration of fish  swim to the north.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations

Some days there are special celebrations for the maori new year. Like flying a traditional maori kite for all maori new years. Also a family get together to remember our ancestors and sometimes they dance and sing.     

maori new Year today

they also celebrate by concretes and fireworks.Plus hot air ballons and orthere stuff.Mostly they do it with family.
          The End

Ana Term 2 Mario

Ana Term 2 Mario from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

my number is???

bouncy castle

On friday youth town hired a bouncy castle for our school. It was so kind of them. It was a slide bouncy castle. Mostly all the boys jumped not slid. They all did a humongous bomb, it seemed liked they were at the pools.The bouncy castle felt like lying on a fluffy cloud. It was really scary because it was so high like a peak.

Every one got two turns each  but we had to wait in a line patiently because we had to follow the rules. It was so funny how far the boys jumped up. It looked like they were flying like super man. Some people slid down like santas sled and his deers, it seemed like it was Christmas already.

It was so funny when our sports teacher Miss Va’afusauga slid down the jumpy castle like Flash. Everybody had their own way of jumping down or sliding. It was so wow and awesome that they gave us a bouncy castle that I’ve made a fake word its called wowsome that how I feel about youth town giving the jumpy castle.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse on a cliff. Its light was illuminating the village below as it rotated.

In the tavern the villagers celebrated a season called teder day to show that they support the villages hard work . They all raised their beers and with a humongous cheer they said “Yay”.

In the lighthouse the lighthouse keeper  was finishing off his work. In a flash the wind pushed the window open and blew the candle out. With annoyance he slammed the window shut. An unusual clanking ”began” disturbing the festivities. Suddenly everywhere plunged into darkness as if there was a storm.

As fast as he could he ran up the stairs and surveyed the mechanical cogs and wheels with his lantern. He looked at the enormous lamp and it was extinguished.

The lighthouse keeper “Didn't Even  Bother”i to change the light source then he heard a large blast he saw that the boat was going to clash so he panicked.He tried lifting the light source but he stumbled down and the giant lamp shattered in a million pieces.

He thought that it was “Hopeless” but he got a inspiration from the villages.So he   gathred the villages to the lighthouse to make a light he made them go over the treacherous headland and the back safely.