Monday, 18 April 2016

Make kindness go viral

I helped my mum tidy the book Shelves.It took me twenty minutes to tidy and reorder the books.It was fun because i took little breaks reading

Ana's Fairy tale

Once upon a time in a very little village there was a humongous castle.It was in between the dark forest were the evil witch lived Lindy.The village was scared of Lindy thats why they called her wicked Lindy she was horrible.

Ever Christmas Lindy stole all the villages presents because she was selfish.The villages tried to hide the presents but it didn't work.Because lindy's Magic wand she called it Starkly.

Years past and the villages got miserable until this Christmas. A prince came…. his name was Matt he came from new jersey.He was funny his voice sounds like a show off with a huge breath he said yo am i late.

He was here for a marriage proposal for princess Bubblegum.Everybody was invited but they didn't bother to come because it was on Christmas. The prince noticed that no one was coming to the party because the witch will steal all the presents.

So the prince called all the villages for a plan they whispered that there were going to trap Lindy. The trap was finished and the pieces were together.The prince said shh Lindy's coming snap the trap went and we caught Lindy. All the villages cheered for Matt also Matt got married in the end.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fia Fia

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Have you ever been to a school event with 3 thousand people or more? Our school had a event it was called Fiafia, it was amazing and fantastic. I was so nervous at that time but I was so happy that it was Fiafia.

We performed our culture dance routines last week on 2016 April the 7th it was on Thursday. Our school performed on a humongous stage on our school field that people put up for us. if you don't know what Fiafia is it is a performance that will blow your mind.

Our school had to pick out of lots of groups we had 3 choices my choices was Hip Hop Niuean and Jump Jam. I picked hip hop niuean and jump jam because i wanted to chose a new choice because i use to just pick tongan girl.Out of those choices i got hip hop that was my first choice,Our tutor was Mrs Samuels and our manager was Mr Baxendine. We were practicing for 5 or 6 weeks it was really hard trying to get our positions right and remembering our dance moves.

My favorite out of all of the performances was the junior hip hop group.There were my favorite because i liked their song choices and the bling necklaces.My favrouite dancer in that group was precious because she was one of the dancers that weared one of the bling necklaces.

I think that everybody preformed really good when they were dancing.I thought that the teacher were really funny dancing in cook island.I thought that everyone that helped us raise lots of money for the stage is really kind.

My task was to write a story about fia fia.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Maths about NBA 2K16

Walt: identify multiplication and division problems.

Task Description:My task was to write how i solved it.After that i had to  take a photo and insert it.after that i had to write it on the presentation in words.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ana Compare contraste

My task was to make a presention a bout my campare contrast about my days and my parents days

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.

Task Description:My task was to make a brochure about rangitoto.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Anas camp 2016

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
2 Weeks ago on Tuesday the year 5 and 6 had our annual camp at our school. Have you ever been on a school camp with the whole team? This year I am a year 5 that means next year i can go again.

We had our camp at the pt england school field where we set our camp tents there.I was in the kinda krazy group the best team in the world because we had the best teacher and leaders.There were 5 groups at camp Kinda krazy kind legends kind krushers and also kind king and kindanators.All the year 5 and 6 kids were welcome but we needed help so some of the parents and teachers helped out with the pools cooking and activities.

The second activity we did was my favourite activity and it was Kayaking because it gave me lots of information about kayaking first he said foot bum foot is how you get in . my second favorite activity was the concert night because my mum was proud of me and because we came third at dancing.My third favrouite activity was baking with Mrs Garden because our team worked together to make the most cookies out of the all the teams.

At night when i was sleeping my friend samantha was tickling and making funny noises.When i heard something drop i thought that it was Samantha but when the teachers told us to evacuate i was cold and nervous.The girls had to go to the tusitala and the boys had to go to the library for the night.

I thought that next time if i sleep with a funny person i'll bring ear muffs.I think that all the games  were really fun because I got to play with my friends.I Thought that everybody that helped is really kind giving up there time for us especially Mr Goodwin he missed out on his concert on our camp concert.

Task description:My task was to write about my camp this year,

Friday, 1 April 2016

Our Extension Group MTV Movie

Kyron group MTV from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
My group had 5 members named Daisy Me Kyron Mitchell Nasibah. It was our task for extension