Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ana one more minute story


On friday our school went for a school picnic at the beach.
When we got there mrs burt told the rules about how far are we aloud to go.

I was so excited  i wanted burst out and jump. Making the sand castle for the competition was so cool that i wanted to win so bad for my class.I decided to make a moat around it with villages around the moat .Rushing to the sand to make the village they were about to judge it so i rushed.soon they judged it but awfully we didn't win but we might win next time.
y second favorite thing was making the model clay by the humongous big rock.
It was so hard but it took a long time to mend it but it was so cool and excited.
When i was finish i was happy that i made more.
I was so happy about the weather and about the  sand castle.I want to go on the school picnic now.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


The Hokulea is a traditional waka past on by centuries.They probably used the celestial to navigat. 
here journey from hawaii traveling all the way to pt england beach must be so cool.The Hokulea went traveling across the globe to our beach to meet our school.When the bout came i was so excited.

 At the event they sang a was so cool that we meat them.It was so challenging trying to time it.the message they gave us was so awesome.

Ana promelem solving

Monday, 23 March 2015


On monday class 11 and 12 stop at the bus  we were going to Motat i was so excited.By the time we got there it looked so interstring.

When we got there this lady called Katherine puted us in 3 groups.She gave us a tour it was so cool.

At motat we went through the mirror maze it was so exciting. I nearly bumped into a mirror i was so scared. it was so dark i bumped it to a mirror.

When i went to the game zone i was so excited about going on the earthquake. In this  room it was a globe when you touch it it follows your hands.In the mirror it was a switches. I could turn the other sides lights on.

when i went on the rotating wheel i was so dizzy.It was so exciting i loved every minute of it.I was so amazed about it.

next time i should go to the static electric dome.

Friday, 13 March 2015

cookie face

There were rainy clouds everywhere it was very disappointed.
In it was very windy so the whole school decided to cancel the trip.
It was so sad to every body.

Preparing to make the happy face cookies my mouth was watering when i saw the delicious ingredients.I had to wait to get the cookies to start decorate it.

Decorating the biscuits i was putting sprinkles over my cookie.Putting the chocolate eyes on my cookie it smelt delicious .
Eating the cookie it was dielicous and amazing.It tasted like rainbows .

i was so proud so amazed.