Saturday, 30 September 2017

Thankful - Poster And Writing

This is my poster about what am I thankful for.I made it with stickers and glitter tape.It just took me 30 minutes to finish.I am thankful for good times, family, food,friends and more.I only listed 10 of them so it could fit on the paper.The stickers were from Rosie's studio and the glitter tape was from there 100.I decided to make it because I needed to post something on my blog and to decorate my room.

Emily and her blanket - Writing

There once lived a girl named Emily, She had brown hair and blue eyes. She loved reading and playing sports, But most of she loves her blanket. It wasn’t an ordinary blanket it was a magical blanket that could make you transport into your dream.

One night she had a dream about going rainbow ends. She was on a Roller-coaster and she was scared.She went down at lightning speed and her stomach was aching.She got off and puked on someone cotton candy.

Another night she was dreaming about her in a cave.The cave was silent the only sound was Emily's footsteps.Getting closer to the end of the cave she looks narrow and sees a pack of wolves.She ran!

TO BE CONTINUED!!!Image result for blanket clipart

Pixel Art - Challenge

Task Description:
My task was to draw an animal with pixel art.The site I use to draw this was 8 bit art.I told me what to do on the image I found on Google.This is a challenge that I would be doing for 20 day!!!I made this presentation with google slides.I will be doing this for the Holiday blogging!!! 

Friday, 29 September 2017

Goodbye School

Goodbye School
Today was the last day of school! We did tons of amazing things like play on my teachers PS4 or we got to play a game on Cool Maths Games. We also got to eat Ice Cream and a packet of chocolate biscuits.Our Janitor bought us Ice Cream because we kept our class clean for 1 term, it was hard.

After lunch we got to watch our production named live stream.It was so amazing and exciting, but I wondered why it was called live stream when it was about omaru creek and tuna the eel.Overall it was really funny.

My Netball Team the All Stars had a Share Lunch for doing good well this season.We had pizza and chips for our share lunch, It was delicious.We also got a trophy,lollipops and a water bottle.

Our classes Room 7, Room 6,Room 8 had a class challenge.Our challenge was to earn points, whoever had the most points got pizza at the end of the term.Room 8 Literacy won.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Beware Of Adds!!!

Cyber Smart Monday Madness

Today our class learnt to be aware of ads on websites.They will try get your information,or trick you into buying things.

You can even find ads on Cool math games.

😎Be Cyber Smart Everybody!😎

Friday, 22 September 2017

Stardome - Writing

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.29.18 AM.pngOn Thursday the 14th of September Team 4 went to Stardome for a school trip. We got ready in our groups before we went to the planetarium, I was in King Richard's group.Have you ever been to Stardom?

When we arrived to Stardom we were a bit early so we went to go play on Cornwall park.I climbed up the big playhouse and more people came, It took long just for me to get down the ladder.I was laughing at all the boys that were playing on the train because they got tired easily. I was really excited to line up and get ready to go inside.

I walked in and past the receptionist and the shop while staring at all the pictures of planets.We sat down and a man came in and talked to us about planets and the solar system. He asked us questions that was really exciting and big!. Do you know what a Gas Giant is?

We went in a big dome where their was a lot of chairs and another man.We watched a movie when a astronaut went to go look for a new home as his mission.He finds out that captain's daughter hacked the ship so they have to go to some planets before going back to earth.Have you ever done something as bad as the captain's daughter?

I thought that I wanted to go again so we can go on the park.I also didn't want to come back because my eyes were sore when we watched the movie on the dome.Well next time I would hope that I could play on the train and Firefox.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Paidea Seminar

Waiting to get my hands on the lollies, I was so nervous. I thought that I was just going shut my mouth for the whole Seminar. But I didn't! I think that i did better than before because I made everything simple.I think I only talked 6 times I recon I could talk more than that. I would've talked more if  I had the time to because of ðŸ˜ˆ(Bethan)😈.She was dominating the conversation like nothing was happening.

I think I should've Challenged Justice because he was challenging a lot of people except me.There was a lot of people that was dominating but Bethan and Justice was the best.I hope we have another seminar so I would try Dominate.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mars One Project!!!

Walt: make connections with what we read, and what we have read before.

Task description:My task was to make a copy of the mars 1 project task and answer the questions. I decorated my title page and even got a image attribution. I read a article that helped me answer the question.I had to read 3 article about the mars 1 project and it had a lot of info.I had to get the walt from our class site.I also had to post on my blog and add lables.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Weekend - Writing

This week on sunday it was father's day. My father's day was really cool, We got to have a big lunch together as a family. What did you do for your father's day?

On sunday we also got to go shopping because we needed to buy the food. I was walking around PAK'nSAVE and, I saw Saane. I was hiding from Saane, While she just laughed at me. Have you ever been so weird in a grocery store?

After we came back from PAK’nSAVE we went to go buy a present for my grandpa, we bought a watch. After that we went to buy my dad something, I bought my dad chocolate. We went home and had our feed.

I went up stairs and read a book to my little sister.I read her the pout pout fish book and she went to sleep. I read part of my book and went to sleep as well.My favorite book so far is pet war. What is your favorite book?

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Space Information

Space Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos

You can colonize space by using space crafts the same way how humans been colonizing earth for thousands of years.It is simply just pack up and move there.In 2026 mars one plan is to get 100 people to move there to start colonizing mars. If you would try to live on the sun you would vaporize. On mercury there is a hot and cold side. You could only stand on mercury for 2 minutes.Venus has about the same gravity as earth it is more hotter than a pizza oven, but you would vaporize. Mars is very cold, but the air is very thin so the intensity of the cold won't be so cold as you might feel at the temperature.