Friday, 29 September 2017

Goodbye School

Goodbye School
Today was the last day of school! We did tons of amazing things like play on my teachers PS4 or we got to play a game on Cool Maths Games. We also got to eat Ice Cream and a packet of chocolate biscuits.Our Janitor bought us Ice Cream because we kept our class clean for 1 term, it was hard.

After lunch we got to watch our production named live stream.It was so amazing and exciting, but I wondered why it was called live stream when it was about omaru creek and tuna the eel.Overall it was really funny.

My Netball Team the All Stars had a Share Lunch for doing good well this season.We had pizza and chips for our share lunch, It was delicious.We also got a trophy,lollipops and a water bottle.

Our classes Room 7, Room 6,Room 8 had a class challenge.Our challenge was to earn points, whoever had the most points got pizza at the end of the term.Room 8 Literacy won.

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