Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Ana compare and contrast about the little pigs

 Walt: understand perceptions
Task Description.My task was to read the three little pigs and the true story of the little pigs.I had to com pare the big wolf and the three little pigs.That was not the only thing i had to do i have to do similarities.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Anas speech and thought bubble

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.

Task Description: Task was to write in the speech bubbles and thought bubbles.I had to write onomatopoeia for the character

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

family of facts

Walt: identify and solve fraction problems.

Task description: My task was to complete my work.i had to decorate my presation

My super hero diamond cloud

Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing
Her long dark straight hair was black as ebony and the bottom was purple as grapes.Her short black dress was soft as a newborn baby and her tight was really black.Her Belt and wristbands was bullet proof a missile can,t destroy it because it came from the fifth dimension.
Task description:My task was to use dc comics to create my hero.And to write a description about my hero diamond cloud.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Miss aytons mother's day equation.

Walt: identify and solve fraction problems.

Task description.My task was to work out my equation.I had to take a photo and write a explanition

miri and raru

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May the 4th be with You........


Happy Star Wars Day to you fans =)

Ana Immersion asembly

Walt: recount an event.

Have you ever studied comic books or comic art before?Well our whole team 4 is making our own comic book and, we might have really fun painting and writing when creating the comic books.I hope you continue reading my story so you know what we're doing this term and to learn more vocabs.

Our schools topics name is as I see it as, as I see it represents art some people like drawing with dark colours some people do light colors that's team 2s topics. Team 3 will be doing Architecture which is building they could build lots of diffrent things like a mini house a boat or more. The wonderful Team 1 is drawing there favourite thing this is one of Miss Wilds favourite thing it is her pet dog Joey.

Team 4’s topic is all about telling stories with Sequential art and superhero also villains.The Topics name for this term is Kapow. Kapow is a funny word when a superhero punches or kick an enemy.The team 4 movie was really funny especially the voice overs and characters. My favorite character were Wondering Woman she was hilarious she has really big muscles bigger than Bat Guy.The other Character were Team Leader America and the two amuter hero.

The thing I want to get out of team topic is getting an inspiration for art when i read a comic book .I want to learn about reading pictures and speech bubbles in a comic book.I hope that we get to design our own comic book and print it out.I want to learn about crazy superhero.

I think that my topic for this term is really cool and excited. I hope that everybody is happy with their term topic.I wonder if next terms topic is goanna be even greater.

My task was to write about the inmersion asemely.