Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The most magnificent chocolate

When I opened the chocolate I knew that is was a Juicy Delight!

The cadbury Chocolate company was one of the best companies ever. The turkish delight chocolate was about $4 from countdown. The product was served in a wrapper.
The Turkish delight chocolate looked exactly like an caramel chocolate. It smelt like I was an a Ice Cream shop right at that moment.I thought that the chocolate looked YUCK! It tasted Delicious.When I first saw the chocolate I knew that it was cadbury.

I would Improve it by making the chocolate bigger! I can improve it by adding more turkish delight in the chocolate.I also can make the chocolate more yummy by adding more sugar.

It recommend you buying it from the shops because it would make your day start with a smile.You should also buy it because it is very sweet.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dear Diary

Task Description:Today for my task I had to write a dear diary on a google presentation. I had to pretend I was Afu and write a dear diary for him.I had to use some information from the reading.The difference between Afu and me is that he has paper because it was in the old days and I have a I pad in these days.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Thats Thinking

Walt: using exciting language.
Have you ever had a immersion assembly before? This term Point England School did. It was spectacular! There were lots of amazing movies like team 4s movie.

Our school theme this term is That's Thinking. Our school theme is about thinking. This term Team 1,2,3 are learning about kites and matariki. Team 5 is learning about fixing things around point england school.

This term team 4 is learning about what technology did the Maoris have before the pakehas were here. Our topic movie was really funny and educational. I liked it when Mr Goodwin said to make a time machine but the other teachers said no.

This term I want to learn about what the Maori weared in the old days. I also want to draw more pictures of what the technology they had in the old days. I want to learn what animals did they have before the pakehas came.

I think the new term topic is really cool because we're learning about a culture. I also think it's going to be hard but it will still be fantastic.

Task Description:My task was to use interesting language.