Thursday, 31 March 2016

my camp story about Elizebeth

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

I visited Elizabeth G blog about camp.She is a Year 8 this year she is a prefect t our school, and She Went on camp 2014 when she was a year 6. Her favorite thing to do at camp was practicing her camp item and blogging because she likes blogging. She was in Cooperators team.There song was one of a Michel Jackson song but i dont know the name

My favorite game was the amazing race and practicing our camp item because i like dancing in front of my parents.My camp teacher was Mrs Goodwin and camp leader is Anna And Noah.Our song for our item was cant touch this. On the second night we had to evacuate because one of the trees fell down.

Task description:My task was to pick a person that came to camp not long ago and write about there story.I had to write two paragraphs one about my camp and Elizabeth G.

Friday, 25 March 2016

My Teacher is the best ever

 My Teacher Matt Goodwin is really funny and silly. He is one of the most Important teacher because hes smart and kind.Mr Goodwin is one of my favorite teachers I like the work he gives us .This year our schools topic is make kind go viral and Mr Goodwin has demonstrated that all term.I like that his my math teacher and literacy teacher too.
                                            Best Teacher

This day i was looking on YouTube when i saw this really silly video.I just remembered that he liked Pokemon because of this video and his bookmark is a picture of a Pokemon.I felt really happy that a teacher likes pokemon.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Little red riding kiwi

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist

Once upon a time in a far far forest there was a kiwi that lived in a cottage with her mother kiwi.The Kiwi always loved to wear her red hood that's how she got her nickname little red riding kiwi but for short little red.One day her mother kiwi told the kiwi that her grandma was sick. So the mother asked if she could drop off some of her homemade cookies so the little kiwi said yes and lift of to the forest but beware of the big bad kangaroo said Mrs kiwi but in a scared voice.

So she was walking threw the forest to her Grandma's Cottage singing songs when she saw another path with flowers. She felt sad that her sweet old grandmother was sick so she went walking in another direction were the flowers was planted.While she was picking her some flower there was a big bad kangaroo hiding in the bushes.The big bad kangaroo walked up to little red riding kiwi and said hi little kiwi whos those cookies for.LIttle kiwi replied it's for my poor sick granny kiwi.

        Oh Mr kangaroo felt he could eat her now but he wanted to eat granny too. So he asked where her granny lived and she said her grandma lived in the south forest by the seven dwarfs. So the big bad kangaroo left to grandma kiwis house.

The big bad kangaroo went to granny's and hid behind her bed then he surprised granny. She got scared and fainted so the kangaroo put granny in the closet, and dressed as her.So the kangaroo lay on granmas bed and waited for little red riding kiwi.
An hour later little red riding kiwi arrived at grandma's house and gave the kangaroo a hug little red riding kiwi was thought that she looked strange.What big eyes you have all the better to see you with darling. What big ears you have all the better hear u with. What big hands you have all to better to hug you with. What big teeth you have all the better to eat you with she screamed so loud that the seven dwarf heard her scream so they chopped his head off and then they lived happily ever after

Task description: My task was to retell little red riding hood. instead of little red riding hood i said little red riding kiwi

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Vocab coding

Walt: understand why coding is important to learn.

Task Description: My task was to describe coding in vocab.I had to describe command app programming computational and coding. Because this year our teacher is teaching us coding that's why our reading groups are called html s ruby's JavaScript x codes and pythons

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Anas Amazing Advice

Walt: understand why coding is important to learn.
Task description: My task was to give Dylan Advice About Coding

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Family of Facts 2

Walt: know that multiplication relates to division

Task Description:My task was to use these numbers to make equation like 6x4=24

Earthquake explain

Walt: make connections between multiple texts                                                                                     

task description:My task was to watch a video explaining how to survive an earthquake. and then make a presentation on the steps

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ana Family Facts

Walt: know that multiplication relates to division
Task description: my task was to make some equitation with this number

Friday, 4 March 2016

Anas Math about cricket

Walt: manage our own learning effectively. Task Description:My task was to solve some qustion

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Retelling THree little pigs Walt was to retell three little pigs 
Task Description:My task was to write this story

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They all had bright straight blonde hair, and lived with their parents.The parent got sick of living with the pigs so they had a journey planned for them so they said that the little pigs well leave at the age of 18. Eight years passed so the parents started to celebrate and pack all there clothes.

So the little pigs left off and went to there own separate ways Pig 1 found land and built a house made out of straws I was surprised that he used that kind of material.Pig 2 found land and built a house made out of wood he was much smarter than pig 1.Pig 3 found land and built her house out of bricks she was smarter than the other pigs but she took the whole day building her house.

The day after there was a wolf that lived in the block.The wolf was so hungry he went to the little pig house for dinner. Knock Knock who's there said little pig it's me Mr wolf let me in said Mr wolf. Not by the hair of my chenny chen chen. then i huff and puff and blow your house down blowwwwwww.

He ran to his brother house and knocked on his house brother brother said little pig.Whattt Mr wolf is chasing me so he closed the door slam.Little pig Little pig let me in not by the hair of my chenny chen chen.Then i'll puff and huff and i blow your house down puuuuuu ffffffff. They were scared so they ran to the other pigs house sis sis let us in who is it it your brothers. Ohh k come in so the little pig slammed the door.

Let me in said Mr wolf not by my chenny chen chen.So ill puff and huff and ill blow ur house down so he huffffffffffffffed. The house did not got broken so the pigs called the cops and got arested.