Thursday, 3 March 2016

Retelling THree little pigs Walt was to retell three little pigs 
Task Description:My task was to write this story

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They all had bright straight blonde hair, and lived with their parents.The parent got sick of living with the pigs so they had a journey planned for them so they said that the little pigs well leave at the age of 18. Eight years passed so the parents started to celebrate and pack all there clothes.

So the little pigs left off and went to there own separate ways Pig 1 found land and built a house made out of straws I was surprised that he used that kind of material.Pig 2 found land and built a house made out of wood he was much smarter than pig 1.Pig 3 found land and built her house out of bricks she was smarter than the other pigs but she took the whole day building her house.

The day after there was a wolf that lived in the block.The wolf was so hungry he went to the little pig house for dinner. Knock Knock who's there said little pig it's me Mr wolf let me in said Mr wolf. Not by the hair of my chenny chen chen. then i huff and puff and blow your house down blowwwwwww.

He ran to his brother house and knocked on his house brother brother said little pig.Whattt Mr wolf is chasing me so he closed the door slam.Little pig Little pig let me in not by the hair of my chenny chen chen.Then i'll puff and huff and i blow your house down puuuuuu ffffffff. They were scared so they ran to the other pigs house sis sis let us in who is it it your brothers. Ohh k come in so the little pig slammed the door.

Let me in said Mr wolf not by my chenny chen chen.So ill puff and huff and ill blow ur house down so he huffffffffffffffed. The house did not got broken so the pigs called the cops and got arested.

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