Friday, 24 July 2015


While I was walking into the hall I noticed Mr Burt was being an auctioneer selling stuff. He said, “Going once going twice sold to number 33.” He shouted  loud to get everybody's attention at school because he was selling a basketball to the students. As the price got higher  children called out their price trying to get the basketball.

MY  favorite team was team 3 because they were learning and thinking about what you want to be when you grow up. The teachers were dressed as a police a fire fighter and a surgeon and also a builder plus a cowboy for the topic this year. They taught us that you work for money.

My second favorite team was team 2 because they were learning about ice-cream. At the assembly Miss Nalder taught us about the toppings and the flavours. Miss Nalder was doing a trivia contest for ice-cream. She asked us questions about ice cream if you get the questions right you will have a ice-cream.

It was so amazing that our teachers  planned our topic for this term. I am looking forward for learning about this topic about trade and enterprise. It was really funny that Mrs Barks acted like a lady i would be embarrassed if I was him.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

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What is matariki
Martariki is an important event in new zealand for maoris because maori new year. It is a traditional event past to generation  and generation to celebrate the people that past away.A cluster of stars appears in the sky  ancient greek people call the stars Pleiades but other people call the group 7 sisters.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki
Tawhirimatea was distraught because his siblings separated his parents..He was frustrated so he hurled his eyes to the sky that made stars.

How to see matariki?
On a late may or june a northeast horizon suddenly appears.Half an hour before dawn stars appear.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
On june winter begins and the harvest  ends. So you need to collect the crops like kumara and riwai.The food we collect is plentiful for feasts.migration of fish  swim to the north.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations

Some days there are special celebrations for the maori new year. Like flying a traditional maori kite for all maori new years. Also a family get together to remember our ancestors and sometimes they dance and sing.     

maori new Year today

they also celebrate by concretes and fireworks.Plus hot air ballons and orthere stuff.Mostly they do it with family.
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Ana Term 2 Mario

Ana Term 2 Mario from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.