Friday, 9 August 2019

Kayaking At Vector Wero Whitewater Park !

Today Room 8 went on a trip to Vector wero whitewater park, we got the chance to kayak with professionals and wear swimsuits. Once we all had the special gear on we had to get in a line from the shortest to tallest. The reason for that was because the instructors needed to give us the right kayak that our legs and our body could fit in. After that we got to go in the water. A Lot of people were struggling in the beginning but they got the hang of it. We had to follow the instructors all the way to the bridge. We learnt heaps from today and it was super cool.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Wellingtons Nz's Fittest City...

Wellington has been ranked the fittest city. The capital seized the title based on the public transport and the clean fresh air. American International Assurance says that people from wellington walk more and use public transport based on a public health study discharged last year. More than a quarter of all trips made by wellington between 2008 and 2014 were walking trips, the lowest rank was hamilton. According to AIA  10 percent of all deaths are caused by physical inactivity. Hopefully the whole of new zealand can get a lot more fitter and use our legs more.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Not Selling Energy Drinks To Children !

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Countdown has now enforced a age restriction of buying energy drinks. You will have to be 16 and over to buy energy drinks from early september. Countdown is introducing the age restriction because of the high level of sugar and caffeine.

Energy drinks are not supposedly for young children, it also has warnings on the package. The new zealand beverage council said it was disappointed at countdowns decision. They said that energy drinks were fit to consume in moderation, and the restriction could make children crave them even more.

Monday, 22 July 2019

New Laws In New Zealand !

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There had been four new laws that has been placed down on the 1st of july 2019.

Retailers selling single-use plastic bags or distributing them are officially illegal. Every supermarket to dairy will have to abide to the new law.  What is also changing will be the money people get while they're on parental leave. They will receive an extra $20 a week in their pocket.

The prime minister Jacinda Ardern recommends it to keep up with the living cost. The last two laws are an increase in the tax on petrol and landlords are required to insulate their homes.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Trip To The Tamaki Estuary !

On monday our whole school went down near the tamaki estuary at dunkirk. We looked at the direction where the rubbish comes from and where it leads. The rubbish comes from near our school than goes into the streams and leads out to the birds in the estuary. Which is very bad because it can cause a lot of birds to die when they mistake rubbish as food.

So our school walked along dunkirk rd towards the park picking up every rubbish we could spot. Even though I and winnie were walking in the back we collected heaps of rubbish the others couldn't spot. We found lots of newspaper in between the rocks and a ton of glass bottles from people drinking. We managed to make our way to the park with a lot of rubbish we found along the rocks.

I think the trip was a successful clean up, It could've been better but I reckon we did a great job.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mrs Ferguson's Graphic Class.

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Today at tech we were designing games and coming up with ideas to make them look extraordinary. We had a big piece of paper with all 4 of our ideas and designs. We had to fold the paper four times then start drawing in each square. I had an idea that we could play noughts and crosses, but instead of using a square, maybe a cat! The pieces replacing the x & o's could be a fish and a cats play ball.

Another Idea I had was to make a chess game with super villains, but I knew that was gonna take along time to print in the 3d printer. I had a lot of exciting fun designing and planning games at tech. Graphics was really nerve racking !

Friday, 31 May 2019

Queen's Birthday

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Next Monday will be a public holiday. It will be the Queen of England's birthday. She will be turning 93 years old. We will not be having school on Monday!!! Which means we will be having a long weekend before we come back to school on Tuesday.
As of 2018 the Queen has been ruling for 66 years. She has been the longest monarch of England. Happy 93rd birthday for Monday, Queen Elizabeth.