Thursday, 30 June 2016


Skylar storm story

Walt: plan stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

There once was a normal teenager named  Skylar.Skylar went to Royalty High she is the school's top student she was super smart. She never got a grade that was not a A+ she was just a normal a student.Until one day she was studying a chemical to make whether whatever she want she accidently spelt on her and made her Skylar Storm the amazing super hero.

She was surprised that she had powers she was also scared she might be called freak at school so she kept it a secret.So she made a coustume so when she saves the school.She was one of the best hero in school.

One day Skylar's Idol came to school his name was Sam Lam cam he was actually a bad guy but skylar never knew that.She was excited to meet him he ran up to him and asked for a autograph until he said No!

So she knew he was up to something.Sam lam cam had robots he unleashed it and it took over the school.But Skylar storm was not just gonna stand there she ran to the bathroom and got in her costume she shot out a lightning bolt to the robot and it shut down.

My Task was to write a short story for my artwork.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Narrative - Edited version

Ana walked through the forest trying to hunt for some food, when she noticed her enemies hiding in the bushes. They had been sent to capture her. She ran and ran until she saw a bush and jumped in trying to blend in. Soon she saw them pass by. She was relieved that they were gone and could not believe that she had survived that attempted assassination. Later that night when she fell asleep she dreamt that her village was being attacked.

The next day Ana was so scared that the enemies might sneak up and attack her village. She tried to warn the village, but they didn't believe her. She went out hunting again for some more food to feed her village. She spotted her biggest enemy called Maka and quickly hid. He had been sneaking around her village. He was her worst enemy besides the rest of his family. What was he up to?

After a while, Ana walked back to her village to warn them again about what she had seen, but they still didn't believe her. Some of the warriors listened to her and prepared their weapons just in case. The villagers were preparing a large feast for the chief. There were chickens, pigs, taro and coconut drink being prepared. Everyone was looking forward to the feast.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a spear went soaring past and hit a tree. The villagers soon realised that Ana was telling the truth. She ran and tried to get her spear but some one grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Ana fainted.

Luckily the warriors in Ana's village were very strong and defeated the enemies. Maka was captured and the rest of the enemies surrendered. Everyone was thankful to Ana for warning them. She was a hero.

Task Description:My task was to write a story about a warrior.I drew a picture that goes with it.I had to use vocabulary and punctuation the picture is for the art exhibition.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Ana Post cards

Walt: summarise stories and information.

Task Description: My task was to write a letter pretending to be Ah sum sending it to his family.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Warriors math

Walt: solve problems using decimals.

Task Description:My task was to read the problem and then see the important thing.And the important thing was 1.25and 5.7 .I had to solve this problem on paper.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Monster descriptions

Walt: write a character description.

Task Description:My task was to describe there monsters.This was my monster description i don't know what they actually like but this is i think.

Friday, 10 June 2016


WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

1430967281-marvelcivi-o.jpgThere once was a league of heroes that saved new york city, there name was the avengers.At the anvengers head quaters Iron Man and the rest of the avengers was doing what they normally do watching our city.Whee yoou whee yoou went the alarm ‘what was that’ said Captain America. The avengers ran to the computer to see what's happening ‘oh no’ said Black Widow goblins up to no good he's trying to destroy the new weapon factory down queen street let's go avengers said Captain America.

They sprint down queens street going fast as they can to get to the factory before goblin steals anything.They got there as soon as possible the door was sealed stand back everyone Boom Iron man shot the door open. “Hahahaha” said the goblin you guys are so childish you just walked into my trap bam the trap was in place.What is your plan goblin my plan is to make yous and the rest of the marvel hate each other.You will never get away with it goblin yes i will because a  little of friend of mine is going to help come out and show your self ok meet scarlet witch.

Do you think i'm scared of a girl goblin “you will be” said goblin show what you got scarlet ZZZAAPP she made your cage invincible to get out.You wish goblin nothing is invincible so watch us destroy your cage zziiippp “ouch” said black widow.Scarlet hymnotize them inmedietely Ok Goblin sir hymnotize iron man and captain america first you will hate ever marvel you will hate ever marvel so she hymnotized the rest of them.

A few months later the rest of the marvels got hypnotized to hate each other there was two teams iron man team and captain america.  

My Task was to write about a picture.I had to pick a end and a beginning for the picture.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ana and Chastyti and Losehina

WE are learning to learn.

Mr Goodwin's car is black as ebony and as expensive as he's phone. I was so surprised that he had 6 seats he could of gave me a ride home I was so lazy to walk home.It has 6 seats, 2 cup holders and (menage)cool  ice cold cooler for beverages.I was so surprised that he had that kind of car I thought he still lived with his mother.It had a devine smell it smelt like a strawberry prefume it was amazing.When I entered his car it had a big spa I felt like fainting how could a spa fit in his car.

When I was walking to the library at Glen Innes, I saw a dark black car that looked really expensive. This car had 6 seats in the car, maybe there was 2 in the front, 3 in the back and 3 in the very back.His car was so cool and wonderful he drove in gi. I took a close peek and i saw a spa when i looked closely i saw Mr G wrapped in a towel by the hot pools.

His car was as shiny as his golden trophy.  It like my new car they are the same as a golden trophy.It could drive its self it does not need a driver to steer the whell the car is voice activated.

Task Description.My task was to write about my teachers car mr goodwin.I had to write paragraphs with 2 people chastyti and losehina i had to write one sentence then the next person had to then the next. i wrote the first one by my self and the other is my buddys.We had only 3 minutes to write one sentence