Thursday, 30 June 2016

Skylar storm story

Walt: plan stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

There once was a normal teenager named  Skylar.Skylar went to Royalty High she is the school's top student she was super smart. She never got a grade that was not a A+ she was just a normal a student.Until one day she was studying a chemical to make whether whatever she want she accidently spelt on her and made her Skylar Storm the amazing super hero.

She was surprised that she had powers she was also scared she might be called freak at school so she kept it a secret.So she made a coustume so when she saves the school.She was one of the best hero in school.

One day Skylar's Idol came to school his name was Sam Lam cam he was actually a bad guy but skylar never knew that.She was excited to meet him he ran up to him and asked for a autograph until he said No!

So she knew he was up to something.Sam lam cam had robots he unleashed it and it took over the school.But Skylar storm was not just gonna stand there she ran to the bathroom and got in her costume she shot out a lightning bolt to the robot and it shut down.

My Task was to write a short story for my artwork.

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