Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ana and Chastyti and Losehina

WE are learning to learn.

Mr Goodwin's car is black as ebony and as expensive as he's phone. I was so surprised that he had 6 seats he could of gave me a ride home I was so lazy to walk home.It has 6 seats, 2 cup holders and (menage)cool  ice cold cooler for beverages.I was so surprised that he had that kind of car I thought he still lived with his mother.It had a devine smell it smelt like a strawberry prefume it was amazing.When I entered his car it had a big spa I felt like fainting how could a spa fit in his car.

When I was walking to the library at Glen Innes, I saw a dark black car that looked really expensive. This car had 6 seats in the car, maybe there was 2 in the front, 3 in the back and 3 in the very back.His car was so cool and wonderful he drove in gi. I took a close peek and i saw a spa when i looked closely i saw Mr G wrapped in a towel by the hot pools.

His car was as shiny as his golden trophy.  It like my new car they are the same as a golden trophy.It could drive its self it does not need a driver to steer the whell the car is voice activated.

Task Description.My task was to write about my teachers car mr goodwin.I had to write paragraphs with 2 people chastyti and losehina i had to write one sentence then the next person had to then the next. i wrote the first one by my self and the other is my buddys.We had only 3 minutes to write one sentence

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