Friday, 10 June 2016


WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

1430967281-marvelcivi-o.jpgThere once was a league of heroes that saved new york city, there name was the avengers.At the anvengers head quaters Iron Man and the rest of the avengers was doing what they normally do watching our city.Whee yoou whee yoou went the alarm ‘what was that’ said Captain America. The avengers ran to the computer to see what's happening ‘oh no’ said Black Widow goblins up to no good he's trying to destroy the new weapon factory down queen street let's go avengers said Captain America.

They sprint down queens street going fast as they can to get to the factory before goblin steals anything.They got there as soon as possible the door was sealed stand back everyone Boom Iron man shot the door open. “Hahahaha” said the goblin you guys are so childish you just walked into my trap bam the trap was in place.What is your plan goblin my plan is to make yous and the rest of the marvel hate each other.You will never get away with it goblin yes i will because a  little of friend of mine is going to help come out and show your self ok meet scarlet witch.

Do you think i'm scared of a girl goblin “you will be” said goblin show what you got scarlet ZZZAAPP she made your cage invincible to get out.You wish goblin nothing is invincible so watch us destroy your cage zziiippp “ouch” said black widow.Scarlet hymnotize them inmedietely Ok Goblin sir hymnotize iron man and captain america first you will hate ever marvel you will hate ever marvel so she hymnotized the rest of them.

A few months later the rest of the marvels got hypnotized to hate each other there was two teams iron man team and captain america.  

My Task was to write about a picture.I had to pick a end and a beginning for the picture.

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