Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Anzac dawn parade

 Even though I didn't go that i imagined what happen in real life

Getting up early in the morning I saw the sun rising so I decided to go dawn parade.
1000’s of people were there to show their respect for the people that died for us.
While a group of soldiers were marching down the  Museum they said a big speech.

Well they were saying the speech there were people playing the bagpipe in a interesting way.
When it was finish the soldiers marched in there vehicle driving away safely.hat was so interesting learning about a dawn parade so i wonder if it was cool to be soldier

Friday, 24 April 2015

inmersion asembly

As soon as I got in the hall I saw people baking litle pikelets and healthy food.
Also I saw a flying droid that had a camera stick on the droid that was controlled by Mr Burts phone.When I suddenly heard the topic this term was tinkering tools and toys that I was so interested about this term.With excitement team 5 came  marching down the middle of the hall. Suddenly i heard mrs Wiseman announcing what his class was learning this term.When Ms moala stepped up she looked all around then Ms Telea laughed in a deep voice.
When Mrs Barks showed us his hovercraft I was so excited. It looked interesting that I wanted to give it a spin.But I wasn't aloud to so I just watched Mrs Somerville but it was fun to watch it anyway.
I was so happy about what we were learning this year that I was so excited.It was so interesting and also i learned a thing about it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Today we made our own kazoo by watching a video it was so interesting.i was so excited.