Friday, 24 April 2015

inmersion asembly

As soon as I got in the hall I saw people baking litle pikelets and healthy food.
Also I saw a flying droid that had a camera stick on the droid that was controlled by Mr Burts phone.When I suddenly heard the topic this term was tinkering tools and toys that I was so interested about this term.With excitement team 5 came  marching down the middle of the hall. Suddenly i heard mrs Wiseman announcing what his class was learning this term.When Ms moala stepped up she looked all around then Ms Telea laughed in a deep voice.
When Mrs Barks showed us his hovercraft I was so excited. It looked interesting that I wanted to give it a spin.But I wasn't aloud to so I just watched Mrs Somerville but it was fun to watch it anyway.
I was so happy about what we were learning this year that I was so excited.It was so interesting and also i learned a thing about it.

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  1. Ana
    That sounds like an amazing project and an amazing assembly with all those gadgets and machines that were working - I am thinking that you will really be looking forward to the amazing learning and experiences that you are going to be involved in during the term. Have you thought about what you already might be building?
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki,