Wednesday, 25 November 2015


On Friday our class went on a bus to the Museum. While we were waiting to arrive at the Museum we were singing maori songs like mihi mai ra. When we arrived we meet a person named Joshua he told us lots of rules it was like the library rules in glen innes don't run don't shout.

My favorite part was when we went to the visual simulator. I was really scared when i put the glasses on because i thought it was real. It was so interesting because it looked like I was sitting on a person.

The next place we went was at the maori court. On the booklet we had to find out how much warriors can fit in a waka. We find out that 5 warriors can fit in a big gap. there were 20 gaps so the answer was 100.

Then we went to our dinosaur lesson up stairs. We had to go in 3 groups and go in a circle. We had a quiz there was 3 competitors Anaia was a competitor Hazel was two and Ash. There was team duck and sheep also chicken team chicken won. We got to hold dinosaur bones and poo.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

kiwi sport

On Monday we had kiwisport class. Room 11 played a sport called volleyball. When class 11 walked in I noticed chairs Bethan “said to me that's weird for volley ball”. When we sat down Our coach Liz said “Who wants to be the leader for stretching she picked Tata.
When our coach Liz told us a new technique i was really excited it was called the digger.
We had to team up with a buddy and face each other. While my friend Bethan was trying to do the digger my other friend hit the ball and it went soaring to the ceiling bang it made a big sound like a gun shooting 10 times.
she also taught us to spike. She told us if your a right arm then your leg step. And do the opposite if your left arm.

After that we went to class i was really happy we learned new moves.


Ankylosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period the same time as the tyrannosaurus-rex. This kind of dinosaur is a herbivore it eats plants. Ankylosaurus is height is 8.5 tall and his width is bigger than a school bus.

A Ankylosaurus Protects itself with its tail when a predator comes close. A Ankylosaurus protects itself with it armor.

A Ankylosaurus is a toothless dinosaur. A ankylosaurus is one of the most protective dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus rex

The Tyrannosaurus-Rex was a dinosaur that lived 85 million years ago in the cretaceous period the same time as the Ankylosaurus. The name Tyrannosaurus-Rex means tyrant lizard king. The Tyrannosaurus-Rex was one of the largest predators that existed.

It had 60 serrated teeth, each tooth was the size of a banana. It’s arms were 800 millimeters long they can't touch together. A Tyrannosaurus-rex has a long tail it keeps itself balanced and it helps him turn.

When a Tyrannosaurus-Rex is small it is defenseless. Some of the other dinosaurs want to kill the small one because when the T-Rex is older it might kill you.

A Tyrannosaurus-rex is a carnivore. It could bite 500 pounds in one bite. It is one of the smartest dinosaur and has good sense of smell. It is one of the best caring dinosaur parent. Some people think that the Tyrannosaurus-Rex is a scary dinosaur but is a two face sometimes its good to the kids but bad to the enemies.

im lucky i was not born that time.

immersion Assembly

The Pt England way of launching a topic for the term is to hold an Immersion Assembly on the first day of the term to surprise the students with a presentation about the topic. Students from different classes gather all Together in the hall excitedly sitting up normally Mr Burt walks through the aisle.

After Mr Burt introduced the Topic for this year he had his own presentation about an extinct bird. He played a movie about the bird it was hilarious because they were 4 kid acting annoyed about this bird and at the end he got eaten.

The next Presentation was team 1 they were learning about animals homes and what they eat. They also had a karaoke the song was roar from katy perry the prize was a trip to the zoo Marika won.

After that it was team 2 they were learning about dinosaurs. There movie had different dinosaurs like the T-rex. The teachers were really funny because the were pretending to be scared on the movie.

Team 3 was like team 2 but they were making dinosaurs. I really liked there mtv it was really funny.

At the end of assembly mr jacobson had his own presentation i was really happy at the end.  

athletics day

On Friday our whole school had a event called Athletics day. It's a day when a our school go in groups and play sports for the whole day. Our class walked over to the courts were we meet Mr Burt on Athletics.

Our first game was sprinting I was little nervous because my friend Chastyti had a crazy look in her eye. Our leader Mrs Stickland was really funny she kept tricking us by saying on your marks get set banana. But the second time she was serious on your marks get set slam went the clapper indiana was really funny because she looked a man kicking out a person from a club.

Wee woo wee woo went the surin “it was pretty loud Julieanna shouted”. I was excited that the next game was discus. While me and Julieanna was waiting in the line our friend Jorelle threw the discus and it went soaring when it was my turn to throw I was embarrassed because it was really small.      

Are next Game Was javelin I was really excited because javelin is one of my favourite sports.I was really disappointed because the seniors Got to use the big Javelin and we used foam javelin. When I threw the javelin it went soaring to the end of the field i was really happy.

At the end of day there was a race it was our house colour race. The next race was parents old people the came to our school and the teachers. It was hilarious when Mr Moran ran i nearly fell because i laughed so loud.

my favoritest was javelin because i like the feeling of the foam.

Ana fraction