Tuesday, 17 November 2015

immersion Assembly

The Pt England way of launching a topic for the term is to hold an Immersion Assembly on the first day of the term to surprise the students with a presentation about the topic. Students from different classes gather all Together in the hall excitedly sitting up normally Mr Burt walks through the aisle.

After Mr Burt introduced the Topic for this year he had his own presentation about an extinct bird. He played a movie about the bird it was hilarious because they were 4 kid acting annoyed about this bird and at the end he got eaten.

The next Presentation was team 1 they were learning about animals homes and what they eat. They also had a karaoke the song was roar from katy perry the prize was a trip to the zoo Marika won.

After that it was team 2 they were learning about dinosaurs. There movie had different dinosaurs like the T-rex. The teachers were really funny because the were pretending to be scared on the movie.

Team 3 was like team 2 but they were making dinosaurs. I really liked there mtv it was really funny.

At the end of assembly mr jacobson had his own presentation i was really happy at the end.  

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