Tuesday, 17 November 2015

kiwi sport

On Monday we had kiwisport class. Room 11 played a sport called volleyball. When class 11 walked in I noticed chairs Bethan “said to me that's weird for volley ball”. When we sat down Our coach Liz said “Who wants to be the leader for stretching she picked Tata.
When our coach Liz told us a new technique i was really excited it was called the digger.
We had to team up with a buddy and face each other. While my friend Bethan was trying to do the digger my other friend hit the ball and it went soaring to the ceiling bang it made a big sound like a gun shooting 10 times.
she also taught us to spike. She told us if your a right arm then your leg step. And do the opposite if your left arm.

After that we went to class i was really happy we learned new moves.

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