Tuesday, 17 November 2015

athletics day

On Friday our whole school had a event called Athletics day. It's a day when a our school go in groups and play sports for the whole day. Our class walked over to the courts were we meet Mr Burt on Athletics.

Our first game was sprinting I was little nervous because my friend Chastyti had a crazy look in her eye. Our leader Mrs Stickland was really funny she kept tricking us by saying on your marks get set banana. But the second time she was serious on your marks get set slam went the clapper indiana was really funny because she looked a man kicking out a person from a club.

Wee woo wee woo went the surin “it was pretty loud Julieanna shouted”. I was excited that the next game was discus. While me and Julieanna was waiting in the line our friend Jorelle threw the discus and it went soaring when it was my turn to throw I was embarrassed because it was really small.      

Are next Game Was javelin I was really excited because javelin is one of my favourite sports.I was really disappointed because the seniors Got to use the big Javelin and we used foam javelin. When I threw the javelin it went soaring to the end of the field i was really happy.

At the end of day there was a race it was our house colour race. The next race was parents old people the came to our school and the teachers. It was hilarious when Mr Moran ran i nearly fell because i laughed so loud.

my favoritest was javelin because i like the feeling of the foam.

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