Wednesday, 25 November 2015


On Friday our class went on a bus to the Museum. While we were waiting to arrive at the Museum we were singing maori songs like mihi mai ra. When we arrived we meet a person named Joshua he told us lots of rules it was like the library rules in glen innes don't run don't shout.

My favorite part was when we went to the visual simulator. I was really scared when i put the glasses on because i thought it was real. It was so interesting because it looked like I was sitting on a person.

The next place we went was at the maori court. On the booklet we had to find out how much warriors can fit in a waka. We find out that 5 warriors can fit in a big gap. there were 20 gaps so the answer was 100.

Then we went to our dinosaur lesson up stairs. We had to go in 3 groups and go in a circle. We had a quiz there was 3 competitors Anaia was a competitor Hazel was two and Ash. There was team duck and sheep also chicken team chicken won. We got to hold dinosaur bones and poo.

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