Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Anna the robot

Robot Anna lived by herself in Mangere in her own house. She was very rich and had lots of money. Anna didn’t share her money with anyone.

Anna was a chef, she made pizza for everyone. This made her very happy so she decided to share her money too.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fia fia story

Raceing to school with my friend for Fia fia we laugh all the way to school together. because we saw this clown that was ridding a little bike. I got to ride it people was laughing at me to I was laughing at my self.soon we was there and it was 6 a clock we raced to our changing rooms.My friend is in Jump jam.My best dance I saw was Hip hop it has minon in it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fia fia

On Tuesday our whole school was performing.when mrs Burt called our group I was shy.
Luckily I stand up for myself.I was proud for myself.My best dance I saw was the Hip hop.
And the middle Hip hop.My group is precise that.our uniform is black t shirts and white caps and white gloves and white pants.Rember to bring manners.

Tiny dragon

As she walked along the street, the tiny dragon in her pocket growled. 
While standing in the bus station, she took the friest look.It freaked her out she picked it up and slowly put it in her pocket.
I am late for diner I sould hurry up she thought. Suddenly a bunch of kids ran up to her when there was playing rugby.
Luckily the dragon did not fall out of her pocket.She was mad she scream at those kids
because her dragon nearly fall out.
Soon she was there so she ran up the stairs and she put it on the bed.
Mum called her name and she went down the stars for diner.
Soon diner was finhes and she went up stairs to have a nap.
She gave it a sheet to sleep on.wait I forgot something a bath from running around
bath time was done.then she gave her food it was ice cream for the dragon. now it's time for bed.good night.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Swimming Lessons

We have been learning all about independent and dependent clauses in complex sentences.
This complex sentence that I have written uses a dependent and independent clause. A dependent clause, needs extra detail so that it can complete the sentence, whereas an independent sentence could actually make a sentence on its own.
Here is my sentence:
I have highlighted the dependent clause yellow and the independent clause red.
Splashing and diveing, with my board people were laughing at me.

My swiming leasons