Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Matthew and the pirates

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Once upon a time in far far forest there was a superhero named matthew. Matthew wasn't an ordinary superhero he was a super dog. He was Always a fan of pirates. He knew that he was a superhero but he always wanted to be a pirate he was more interested in pirates not himself.

So the next day he went to the beach looking for pirates, and maybe treasure for the poor. He did not see any pirates on the beach so he was thinking where do pirates go the sea. So he went out to sea. He was flying over the ocean when suddenly splash a whale jumped out of the ocean and swallowed Matthew with one gobble.Matthew said to “himself it's hopeless he can never escape from the whale“.  

He sat down on one of the whale's tooth with depression and agony. When he heard a small voice he is there when he went closer ,and saw pirates.He could not believe his eyes he jumped jumped and started dancing yay i founded pirates ,and he just remembered his stuck inside a whale.

So he was crying so loud that the pirates huddle up in a circle with Matthew, and they planned an escape plan or should i say wave bye plan get it wave. So there plan was to stand on each of their shoulder to the top and  tickled the wale.The wale sneezed matthew and the pirates and landed on the shore at the beach.He was so happy that escaped, and met some pirate.So he showed off his mean powers like flying super stregth and fire breath.So they all become best friends amd lived happer ever after..

Task description: My task was to use diffrent kind of sentences in my short story.And use vocabs

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