Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Anas naritive writing

Walt: understand the features of narrative writing.
One monday morning a girl named Kate was walking through the hallway twirling her long black curly hair as usual she's staring at Matthew King with her dark blue eyes. She's was too shy to talk to him and she's too scared to say hi. When ever she get close to him she always runs away.

The next day she was getting ready until“when suddenly Boom! what was that kate said to herself”.
so she ran out of her house and saw huge crack in the middle of the Earth she was surprised she went closer and saw a ship. Wossh the door opened kate walked closer and closer then she saw herself from the the the Future she fainted. She woked up an hour later wondering where is she her future self had to explained to her why she's here.

Kate's future self came to encourage her about talking to Matthew she talked about in the future she ends up dating him just because she talked to him that day. Kate screamed but what about that crack in the earth. Not a thing Kate's future self said we can use future glue. Kate said how is it going to work kate said its future glue watch we just need to get my ship out. Now watch the future glue do its thing she squish the glue and it patched it all up and Kate rushed back to school and talked to Matthew and they lived happily ever after the end.

Task Description: my task was to write a naritive story.

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