Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The most magnificent chocolate

When I opened the chocolate I knew that is was a Juicy Delight!

The cadbury Chocolate company was one of the best companies ever. The turkish delight chocolate was about $4 from countdown. The product was served in a wrapper.
The Turkish delight chocolate looked exactly like an caramel chocolate. It smelt like I was an a Ice Cream shop right at that moment.I thought that the chocolate looked YUCK! It tasted Delicious.When I first saw the chocolate I knew that it was cadbury.

I would Improve it by making the chocolate bigger! I can improve it by adding more turkish delight in the chocolate.I also can make the chocolate more yummy by adding more sugar.

It recommend you buying it from the shops because it would make your day start with a smile.You should also buy it because it is very sweet.

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