Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Weekend - Writing

This week on sunday it was father's day. My father's day was really cool, We got to have a big lunch together as a family. What did you do for your father's day?

On sunday we also got to go shopping because we needed to buy the food. I was walking around PAK'nSAVE and, I saw Saane. I was hiding from Saane, While she just laughed at me. Have you ever been so weird in a grocery store?

After we came back from PAK’nSAVE we went to go buy a present for my grandpa, we bought a watch. After that we went to buy my dad something, I bought my dad chocolate. We went home and had our feed.

I went up stairs and read a book to my little sister.I read her the pout pout fish book and she went to sleep. I read part of my book and went to sleep as well.My favorite book so far is pet war. What is your favorite book?

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