Tuesday, 31 March 2015


On friday our school went for a school picnic at the beach.
When we got there mrs burt told the rules about how far are we aloud to go.

I was so excited  i wanted burst out and jump. Making the sand castle for the competition was so cool that i wanted to win so bad for my class.I decided to make a moat around it with villages around the moat .Rushing to the sand to make the village they were about to judge it so i rushed.soon they judged it but awfully we didn't win but we might win next time.
y second favorite thing was making the model clay by the humongous big rock.
It was so hard but it took a long time to mend it but it was so cool and excited.
When i was finish i was happy that i made more.
I was so happy about the weather and about the  sand castle.I want to go on the school picnic now.

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