Monday, 23 March 2015


On monday class 11 and 12 stop at the bus  we were going to Motat i was so excited.By the time we got there it looked so interstring.

When we got there this lady called Katherine puted us in 3 groups.She gave us a tour it was so cool.

At motat we went through the mirror maze it was so exciting. I nearly bumped into a mirror i was so scared. it was so dark i bumped it to a mirror.

When i went to the game zone i was so excited about going on the earthquake. In this  room it was a globe when you touch it it follows your hands.In the mirror it was a switches. I could turn the other sides lights on.

when i went on the rotating wheel i was so dizzy.It was so exciting i loved every minute of it.I was so amazed about it.

next time i should go to the static electric dome.

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  1. That is great you got your Motat writing published Ana. You have tried to include some interesting details about what you did. Could you please add your reflection to this post to see what you need to focus on for your next piece of writing.