Sunday, 3 April 2016

Anas camp 2016

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
2 Weeks ago on Tuesday the year 5 and 6 had our annual camp at our school. Have you ever been on a school camp with the whole team? This year I am a year 5 that means next year i can go again.

We had our camp at the pt england school field where we set our camp tents there.I was in the kinda krazy group the best team in the world because we had the best teacher and leaders.There were 5 groups at camp Kinda krazy kind legends kind krushers and also kind king and kindanators.All the year 5 and 6 kids were welcome but we needed help so some of the parents and teachers helped out with the pools cooking and activities.

The second activity we did was my favourite activity and it was Kayaking because it gave me lots of information about kayaking first he said foot bum foot is how you get in . my second favorite activity was the concert night because my mum was proud of me and because we came third at dancing.My third favrouite activity was baking with Mrs Garden because our team worked together to make the most cookies out of the all the teams.

At night when i was sleeping my friend samantha was tickling and making funny noises.When i heard something drop i thought that it was Samantha but when the teachers told us to evacuate i was cold and nervous.The girls had to go to the tusitala and the boys had to go to the library for the night.

I thought that next time if i sleep with a funny person i'll bring ear muffs.I think that all the games  were really fun because I got to play with my friends.I Thought that everybody that helped is really kind giving up there time for us especially Mr Goodwin he missed out on his concert on our camp concert.

Task description:My task was to write about my camp this year,


  1. Kia ora Ana, Thanks for sharing your learning about the camp. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I would be nervous too if I had to evacuate. Was this the first time you slept in a tent?

    Mrs Krausse

    1. No its my 9th time sleeping a tent