Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fia Fia

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Have you ever been to a school event with 3 thousand people or more? Our school had a event it was called Fiafia, it was amazing and fantastic. I was so nervous at that time but I was so happy that it was Fiafia.

We performed our culture dance routines last week on 2016 April the 7th it was on Thursday. Our school performed on a humongous stage on our school field that people put up for us. if you don't know what Fiafia is it is a performance that will blow your mind.

Our school had to pick out of lots of groups we had 3 choices my choices was Hip Hop Niuean and Jump Jam. I picked hip hop niuean and jump jam because i wanted to chose a new choice because i use to just pick tongan girl.Out of those choices i got hip hop that was my first choice,Our tutor was Mrs Samuels and our manager was Mr Baxendine. We were practicing for 5 or 6 weeks it was really hard trying to get our positions right and remembering our dance moves.

My favorite out of all of the performances was the junior hip hop group.There were my favorite because i liked their song choices and the bling necklaces.My favrouite dancer in that group was precious because she was one of the dancers that weared one of the bling necklaces.

I think that everybody preformed really good when they were dancing.I thought that the teacher were really funny dancing in cook island.I thought that everyone that helped us raise lots of money for the stage is really kind.

My task was to write a story about fia fia.

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  1. Talofa lava Ana, It looks like you had a great time at FiaFia. I really like the food stalls and performance as well. I saw that you were nervous walking onto the stage? I hope you have more exciting stories for me to read again.