Monday, 18 April 2016

Ana's Fairy tale

Once upon a time in a very little village there was a humongous castle.It was in between the dark forest were the evil witch lived Lindy.The village was scared of Lindy thats why they called her wicked Lindy she was horrible.

Ever Christmas Lindy stole all the villages presents because she was selfish.The villages tried to hide the presents but it didn't work.Because lindy's Magic wand she called it Starkly.

Years past and the villages got miserable until this Christmas. A prince came…. his name was Matt he came from new jersey.He was funny his voice sounds like a show off with a huge breath he said yo am i late.

He was here for a marriage proposal for princess Bubblegum.Everybody was invited but they didn't bother to come because it was on Christmas. The prince noticed that no one was coming to the party because the witch will steal all the presents.

So the prince called all the villages for a plan they whispered that there were going to trap Lindy. The trap was finished and the pieces were together.The prince said shh Lindy's coming snap the trap went and we caught Lindy. All the villages cheered for Matt also Matt got married in the end.

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  1. So cool to see you writing in your holidays Ana. I enjoyed this story, well done