Monday, 7 December 2015

Ana cross crountry

On the 7th of September there was a race. Our school named it cross country. Well Mr Burt called out year 4 boys. I was nervous because the next run was year 4 girls. Getting in our position Mr Burt slammed the clapper and we started to sprint.

Trying to catch up to the others I saw one of my friend covered in mud. I tried to pick up her but i was in middle of a race so i continued. I was catching up to the other girls and finally my friend catched up.

Trying to beat my friend julieanna we rushed to the finishing line. We were running to the end but we were still a tie. We were so tired when we got to the end.

I was happy that I didn't just walk the whole way. I was so excited that my friend was covered in mud. I was a bit sad that my friend bate me.

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