Tuesday, 30 June 2015

bouncy castle

On friday youth town hired a bouncy castle for our school. It was so kind of them. It was a slide bouncy castle. Mostly all the boys jumped not slid. They all did a humongous bomb, it seemed liked they were at the pools.The bouncy castle felt like lying on a fluffy cloud. It was really scary because it was so high like a peak.

Every one got two turns each  but we had to wait in a line patiently because we had to follow the rules. It was so funny how far the boys jumped up. It looked like they were flying like super man. Some people slid down like santas sled and his deers, it seemed like it was Christmas already.

It was so funny when our sports teacher Miss Va’afusauga slid down the jumpy castle like Flash. Everybody had their own way of jumping down or sliding. It was so wow and awesome that they gave us a bouncy castle that I’ve made a fake word its called wowsome that how I feel about youth town giving the jumpy castle.

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