Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse on a cliff. Its light was illuminating the village below as it rotated.

In the tavern the villagers celebrated a season called teder day to show that they support the villages hard work . They all raised their beers and with a humongous cheer they said “Yay”.

In the lighthouse the lighthouse keeper  was finishing off his work. In a flash the wind pushed the window open and blew the candle out. With annoyance he slammed the window shut. An unusual clanking ”began” disturbing the festivities. Suddenly everywhere plunged into darkness as if there was a storm.

As fast as he could he ran up the stairs and surveyed the mechanical cogs and wheels with his lantern. He looked at the enormous lamp and it was extinguished.

The lighthouse keeper “Didn't Even  Bother”i to change the light source then he heard a large blast he saw that the boat was going to clash so he panicked.He tried lifting the light source but he stumbled down and the giant lamp shattered in a million pieces.

He thought that it was “Hopeless” but he got a inspiration from the villages.So he   gathred the villages to the lighthouse to make a light he made them go over the treacherous headland and the back safely.

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