Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletic games

On a cold Morning team 3 went out for A game. Usually we go in the Afternoon but I was still excited. When we arrived at the field it turned out that we were last class there I was hoping that we could be the first. “Miss King Shouted are first activity it was equipment throw” it sounded interesting.

When we walked over to the game Miss Squires put us in teams. “The aim of the game is to throw the equipment as far as you can I said to Amelia. My favorite thing about the game was the shot ball because I like hard challenges.

The next game was basketball I was really happy because basketball is one of my favorite sport I said to Indiana. When my friend threw the ball in
the hoop she got a goal she's a good shooter.

We walked over to the next activity it was called sack race. My favorite thing was my team because they were really supportive. We had to jump into a sack and hop to this cone and go around it  and jump back.

After that we went back to class I was wondering about getting a new activity.

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