Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Firefighters risk their lives to save New Zealanders almost everyday. They save our lives by rescuing us from fires. It is a challenging job for them risking their lives to save us. They deserve rewards for courage and team work. Currently they're saving lives right now that's why firefighters are important to everyone.
                                                         What do firefighter wear? 
Firefighters wear protective clothing so they don't burst into flames. They wear gloves because when something is hot and a person is under it you need to pick it up. Also they wear a fireproof suit because when they rescue someone you're not supposed to get burned alive themselves. The equipment they use is called Glossary it is really sharp it can cut through metal. They also wear a air tank so they can breath also for the bad smoke to stay out of their mouth.
  What do firefighters do?
Firefighters mostly save people from fires because their job's main name is firefighters. But firefighters don't only rescue people from fires they do all kinds of stuff. Firefighters extinguish fires and save cats from high trees. They also help people escape if they're stuck in the garage and a fire is out of control.
How do you become a firefighter ?
This is how you become a firefighter if this is your dream job. You have to train hard and you have to be really fast to get a person out of a fire. Also you have to be fit healthy and really strong.

conclusion I'm really happy that firefighters are here to rescue us from danger. They are a inspiration to me for saving lives. I'm really sad that they risk their lives for Auckland.

As a firefighter you need to be a hard working person, brave and able to work in a team.You also have to be confident to go into fires. You also have to be strong and fit to carry people out of fires.                              

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