Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space Narative

Once there was a girl named Nasibah she was a highly trained astronaut. She knew the earth was dying so she had to search for a new planet, with help from her trusty pokemon Pikachu. The year was 4017 and Nasibah had to search for a new planet, she and her Pikachu boarded the ship. They counted down for the blast off 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 “Blast Off”.

“Woooooohhhhh” said Nasibah amazed, “Thats a great planet to live on” Nasibah said. So she decided to land on the planet and name it planet Pokemon. Nasibah and her trusty pikachu started to explore when BANG!. A gunshot went off and Nasibah got frightened so she fell in a hole with Pikachu. “Oh no oh no” Nasibah yelled we're going to be stuck here forever. What are we going to do?

When suddenly I found some seeds and a water can. What am I going to do with that? “I know what i'm gonna do” I can plant a tree and sprinkle some magic growth dust nasibah thought in her head.It took two hours for the tree to grow nice and tall to climb.

Finally Nasibah climbed the humongous tree out of the hole.She ran to the ship with pikachu in her hands. She boarded the ship and decided went home.It was the end of my worries.Nasibah just kicked back and relaxed watching shortland street.

I think it is god because you can plant trees and get more oxygen Nasibah Said.We also need to fill in a lot of holes though.It looks like the moon except it's yellow and red.I would live more happier if the holes are covered and if we find out what where the gunshot came from.

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