Sunday, 9 July 2017

Ana By Land&Sea


  1. Kia ora Ana,

    You have done a really nice job with all activities for Day #2! I had to laugh when I saw your second-to-last slide about outdoor activities and you had used a green filter for Braxton and added the 'I'm Hulk Smash' title.' Hehe...very funny!

    I see from your DLO that, like Braxton, you also enjoy being in the out-of-doors. It sounds like you had a great time visiting Rangitoto, Tane Mahuta and Karekare beach. I have had the chance to go walking on Rangitoto and swimming at Karekare but I have yet to see Tane Mahuta. I really hope to go up to northland within the next year to see it. I'm expecting that it will be HUGE!

    Keep up the great work with you blogging, Ana. I am really enjoying your posts!

    Rachel ;)

  2. Malo Ana

    Braxton is sooo big now! Hulk is one of my favourite Marvel characters too.

    Thanks for sharing Ana.