Friday, 7 July 2017

Day 1 Activity

1. Maori people voyaged thousands of miles across the vast       unknown Pacific Ocean in small ocean-going canoes and       became the first inhabitants of Aotearoa New Zealand. 
2.For the same reason that many visitors come to            New Zealand, Kiwis have developed a passion for the    outdoors and delight in activities that make the most of the    spectacular landscape. 
3.Today, of the 4.4 million New Zealanders (informally known    as Kiwis), approximately 69% are of European descent,  14.6% are indigenous Māori, 9.2% Asian and 6.9% non-  Māori Pacific Islanders.

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  1. Kia ora Ana,

    Wow, you started blogging right away. That is wonderful! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I must agree that New Zealanders really are quite passionate about the out-of-doors, aren't they? It is one of the main reasons that we moved from Canada to New Zealand. Our family also loves the outdoors and we really wanted Aronui to have the chance to grow up in a country that valued being outside!

    I hope that you had the chance to spend lots of quality time outside over the holiday (when it wasn't raining and cold!)