Friday, 7 July 2017

Bonus Task Day 1

This Is My Flag I Designed In Google Draw. I Picked The Colour Black For The Flag Because Our Rugby Team The All Blacks. I Picked 9 Stars On My Flag Because I Have 9 Goals To Achieve.I Piked A Red Stripe Because Maori People Like Red.I Also Picked A Blue Stripe Because The Sky Mother Ranginui.


  1. Kia ora Ana and welcome back to the holiday blogging programme. I am so happy that you are blogging with us once again!!

    I really love the flag that you have created for the bonus activity. I am particularly intrigued by the 9 stars that you added. You mentioned in your blog post that you have 9 goals to achieve. May I ask what those are? Are they learning goals? I would love to know more about them, if you have the time to share...

    Keep up the great work, Ana. I can't wait to see which activity you pick next.

    Rachel :)

    1. Kia ora Rachel I do have 9 goals some of them are learning goals some of them are not.My first goal is to try my best no matter what.My second goal is to Succeed in learning.My third goal would be really good at netball.

      I hope you comment more times.

      By Ana

    2. Kia ora Ana,

      Thank you so much for writing back. I love to read that you have set 9 goals for yourself and that they involve doing your very best at all times. That is wonderful to read! I am confident that you will realise these goals and that you will, ultimately, be very successful at school and in life :)

      How is your netball going? Are you currently playing on a team at school or in the community? I joined a netball team a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I wasn't great at netball because I had grown up playing basketball and not netball. Therefore, I sometimes made silly mistakes (like trying to dribble or bounce the ball instead of throwing it). Oops! Although I wasn't very good I really did try my best and I did have a lot of fun!

      I hope that you are having fun this holiday with your friends and family. I'll look forward to seeing you at Pt England when I come in next week to hand out the certificates and the prizes!