Friday, 31 March 2017

Insect Vs Spider

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.
“It's still raining” complained the Pokie Bug. “I've been under this leaf for hours”. “HEY YOU COME HERE!” yelled Predator spider. “No”said Pokie Bug “it's raining”. “Okie i'm coming to you then”.

“Why didn't you come to me” said Predator. “I didn't have to that's why” said Pokie bug. “Lets fight” said Predator. Pokie Bug took a big swing and Predator spider ducked it.Predator spider picked up pokie bug.

Out of nowhere a human came and squashed it. They both felt the agony.That was the end of the Predator spider and Pokie bug.

Task Description:
My task was to write a story. I have to give it a title.I had to write a narative.In my story the spider can talk and the insect.

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