Monday, 6 March 2017

Camp 2017

Walt:The Walt is to focus on writting
Have you ever been on a year 5&6 camp before? Well I have last year it was an amazing week. Well we're having another one this week Wednesday at school. I hope it would be better than last year.

I'm looking forward to cooking biscuits like last year. Im also looking forward to the games and activities. But most of all i'm looking forward for the last day when we go to the pools.

Im hoping to have a sunny day all day. I also hoping that we can go kayaking everyday.I also hoping that I get to sleep with my best-friends.

But i'm nervous about that if I sleep near the trees that the tree might fall on me. Im also nervous of performing in front of everyone. Im also nervous about sleeping with people that snore.

My task was to write what I was looking forward to.And also what im hopping.And also what I am nervous about.

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  1. Hey Ana,
    it's me one of your Buddies in your group. I haven't been to camp yet, but because of your Writing, there's something I can look forward to. I'll like to give you some advice before posting something on your blog. Make sure you check you Writing before you post it onto your blog. Other than that, I think your writing is excellent.
    Good Job!