Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ana Dungbettle

Walt:We are learning to use interesting vocabulary
The Dung Beetle is a worshiped bug that likes collecting poo. They come in a variety of sizes up to 6cm long. It is so strong, that when it rolls the poop it looks like he is riding on a big snowball but instead it's brown.
Task Description:
My task was to pick a bug out  of the selections.I pick dung beetle. I had to describe it.

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  1. Hey Ana,
    Wow! I really like your latest Post. It’s so interesting. I have heard of a Dung Beetle but I never knew it collected poop. Yuck! I really like your vocabulary too. But I don’t know exactly why it’s a worshipped bug. Why is it a worshipped Bug? So it would be helpful if you explain why it’s so praised. Other than that, I think your Descriptive of a Dung Beetle is Fantastic.
    Well Done!