Friday, 17 February 2017

Ana Choclate

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  1. Hi Ana,
    I'm a year 8 student currently attending TPS, and I just wanted to say I love your work and presentation about chocolate, but one thing I had in mind for you to improve on NEXT TIME, is to maybe be a little more descriptive with your writing and to also be specific with your blog posts. For example, talk about how you felt doing the task, and the challenging and the easy parts of the task! Also NEXT TIME, you could improve on your titles. In order to engage your blog audience I've learnt the title is the main key! Try think of new ways to come up with titles that scream out to your audience "READ, READ".. Maybe next time instead of Ana Chocolate, you could use something like GUESS WHAT CHOCOLATEY CHOCOLATE THIS IS, or something that could make your audience go I WANT TO READ THIS, or OHH LOOK AT THAT! But other than that I love your work, and I think you improving more and more as the time goes by, with your blogging skills and work.

    Kind Regards