Thursday, 28 July 2016


Walt: use a plan when writing.

Its finally here, the event i have been waiting for. I have been training for 4 years .I been practicing running and also throwing to get where I am today at 
Brazil.I can't believe I have another shot to compete in the Olympics and beat the other competitors and win a gold medal.

The sport that I compete in is Javelin I like Javelin because i like throwing objects in the sky. Javelin is a sport when you run and throw and try not to pass the line. The object they use to throw is like a spear it is called a Javelin.The aim of the game is to throw the Javelin as far as you can.It has to land standing up not lying flat on the floor.

The country i represent in the Olympics is New Zealand.I will represent New Zealand because most of my family live in that country.Although i was born in a different country i still represent New Zealand.

I think if i competed in the Olympics it would be so exciting that i get to represent my country.I will be also nervous because lots of amazing competitor from around the world would be competing.I also will feel determined to try my hardest and try win.

I think the Olympic stadium would be packed with a thousand people there.I Think New Zealand's going to win shot put because we have Valarie Adams.I think that the Olympics are going to be really exciting but the athlete will be really nervous.

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