Friday, 29 May 2015

The switch

Strolling along  Mrs Alex had just finished his lunch. He walked into a large room filled with boxes. It was so mysterious as how many boxes were in that room. The room so white in there too. He noticed a spot on his tie so he licked it off. 

Out of nowhere a box fell on Alex's head. Furious he gave an almighty kick as fast as lightning. The box flew into the sky.

Glancing around  Alex saw a tower of boxes which were  balanced precariously.
An unusual shiny box was suspended in the air. That was so mysterious. The box wouldn't budge at all. It was extremely weird.

He decided to climb up the tower. Leaping off the towering boxes he tried to aim for the shiny box  but he missed and crashed . He noticed a red button underneath the box. It was so mysterious. Cautiously he reached out to push the button then hesitated. Throwing caution to the wind  he pushed the button.

There was a strange whirring that was happening. It was like a  tornado that was extremely dangerous. It was spinning rapidly like it was sucking him in. Desperately he tried to escape but he got sucked in.
In a flash he transformed into a box that was waiting for another person to get sucked into like him.

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