Thursday, 8 March 2018

Visual Mihi - Ana

Task Description:My task was to draw a visual mihi on hyperstudio. A visual mihi is a bunch of things that is about me, or what I love.


  1. Hi Ana,

    This is a beautiful visual mihi. I really love the contrasting colours that you have used and the amount of detail that has gone into your images! Could you write a little bit about it underneath to explain the task description and your creation?

  2. Hi Ana,
    My name is Lini and I am a year 8 at St Pius X Catholic School I really love your visual mihi. I also love the colours and the pictures you added to your visual mihi but other than that keep up the good work


  3. Kia Ora Ana,

    My name is Kyra and I am from Grey Main School. I am a year 7 this year. I like the color scheme on your hyper studio presentation, they go great with each other. You mentioned food on your presentation..... What's your favorite food? Pizza? Cheeseburgers? Macaroni cheese? I have to many foods that it would take me ages to list them all down!

    This reminds me of when we do visual Mihis in class. Sometimes our Maori teacher, Whaea Katie will do it with us, but most of the kids already know their Mihi of by heart from doing it in the past years.

    As I said, I love the color scheme but next time maybe you could try thinking about how you set out your colors for the wording.

    Great Work!

    From Kyra.

  4. Hey Ana,

    I am a yr 8 student from Tamaki Primary school and I have to say that you got some really good drawings. I really enjoy how you drew the man praying it looks really professional. Maybe nextime you can talk about why you drew those pictures, but keep up the good work.