Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly - Writing

Have you ever seen your teacher so INSANE they were Lip Syncing going to work? Well, I have at our School Immersion Assembly, While watching their Term Topic movie. It was Tragic!

Our school theme is basically about music and madness. That is really why it’s called  Musical Madness. My favorite team Presentation was Team 5 because they were really funny and good actors.There one was about how a sound can change the mood of the movie.

Team 4 topic is about how the sound of music can distract you. They made the movie just like an apple music adds, instead it was the point England music adds. I really thought that Mr. Goodwin could've tried to sing better, I liked his facials though.

I hope we learn about how to make instruments with recycling. I wish we get to listen to songs because we are learning about music. I hope we will learn about old music so we can listen to old school songs.

I really like our theme because it gives us a lot of chances to listen to music more. Overall I think our term topic was the best out of all this year.

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