Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Seminar Reflection

This Term the Extension group had a Paideia Seminar. Our focus for the Seminar was technology particularly new technology. We had to think if our world was a digital world. We did our Seminar in the Tusitala were we had our last Seminar about pollution. I was nervous I thought I was going to say nothing but I keep talking. It was good but I had to give others a chance to speak. The whole Extension had to get in groups of two. My partner was Paikea she was great. I wish I was like Bethan how she encouraged people to talk more.Me and Justice Challenged each other because he said we were wasting coal by using computers.I complained about how we are using to much paper and cutting down trees.We also talked about how there was pollution I said It was getting polluted by paper.Next time when we have our Paideia Seminar I want to talk less.

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